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Concrete Sealing in Fort Myers, FL

For tailor-fit concrete coating solutions, look no further than our team at Surface Masters. We will work closely with you and bring your vision to life. Please reach out to us at (239) 317-9158 for a free quote for concrete coatings in Fort Myers, Florida.

Painting and Sealing Concrete Surfaces

Whether you’re looking to update your indoor or outdoor space, you can find what you need in our range of vibrant decorative concrete coatings. Designed for the modern home, our concrete coating products introduce style and character to an otherwise bland environment.

Picture a modern, low-maintenance even concrete surface over your cracked  patio, a beautiful non-slip flake coat by the pool, or a simple yet effective concrete driveway coating. The possibilities are endless when you partner with our team at Surface Masters.

An outdated concrete exterior or interior will hold back your property value more than you might expect. Through quality resurfacing, our team can refresh any concrete floor in your home or business and create a more appealing space.

If you want a completely different look, we can employ stamped concrete technology that mimics the appearance of other materials like brick, tile, or wood.

High Quality Concrete Floor Crack Repair Services in Fort Myers, Florida

If your old concrete slabs are suffering from extreme disrepair, don’t be so quick to replace them. Call us for concrete coatings and avoid wasting time and money on a new installation.

At Surface Masters, we don’t resort to cookie-cutter solutions. Our team will always take the time to conduct a complete analysis of your surfaces so we can recommend the most cost-effective concrete coating service. We have a variety of tried and tested techniques at our disposal that can restore the look of aging concrete at a fraction of the cost.


Unlike other floors that require a ton of elbow grease to maintain, our coated surfaces don’t need much upkeep. Simply sweep or vacuum your floor to remove any loose dust and debris every once in a while. For tougher spots, mop the area using a mild dish soap solution and completely rinse the area with fresh, clean water.

Every exterior concrete coating that we offer can easily withstand Florida’s harsh weather. From the searing hot summer to the torrential wet season, your treated surfaces will remain protected throughout the year. The durability of our products also makes them useful for high-moisture or use areas like garages and basements.

Concrete coating cost estimates can vary widely from project to project, but the benefits are always well worth the investment. At Surface Masters, we only use high-quality coating technology that’s:

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Moisture-repellent
  • Stain and warp resistant
  • Slip-resistant

If you want the specific costs on a particular project, please reach out to us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Contact Surface Masters for Your Concrete Seal Project!

Since 2017, our team Surface Masters has provided premium concrete coating solutions for commercial and residential property owners across Florida. We take great pride in offering quality services at affordable prices. Backed by our high standards of craftsmanship and personalized customer care, we assure you unmatched results.

As a leading local concrete coatings company, we offer:

  • Respect. Our team will treat your home or business as if it were their own. We always arrive on time, promptly respond to your inquiries, clean up throughout and behave with professional courtesy.
  • Quality. We regularly invest in new technology, assess our work, and improve our designs to ensure you get nothing less than the best service.
  • Experience. We have served hundreds of residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout Fort Myers. With years of invaluable experience under our belt, we have the expertise to get any concrete coating job finished quickly without sacrificing precision.
  • Safety. You and your property’s safety are among our top concerns. We abide by all government regulations, industry standards, and manufacturer specifications.

Whether you’re bored of the drab and dirty look of your bare concrete flooring or are looking to protect your vulnerable surfaces from corrosion and staining, we have the solutions to suit your every need. Reach out to our friendly flooring experts here at Surface Masters today. Call (239) 317-9158 to get a free quote for concrete coating in your service area.

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