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Epoxy Floor Coatings Near Ave Maria, FL

If you are looking for an innovative way to add style and functionality to your concrete patio, garage, driveway, or pool deck, decorative coatings are the answer. At Surface Masters, we have a team of decorative concrete contractors in Ave Maria who can provide you with the professional services and products you need.

Top-Rated Garage Floor Coating Contractor in Ave Maria

Surface Masters is one of the leading decorative concrete driveway contractors in Ave Maria. As a family-owned decorative concrete company, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional services and quality products to all our clients.

Whether you are looking to revitalize your concrete driveway or garage floors, we have contractors with the experience, expertise, and tools needed to get the job done.

High Quality Garage Epoxy Floors for Residential and Commercial Surfaces

With our decorative concrete services, you can enjoy concrete floors with a wide range of exceptional finishes. Our decorative concrete contractors can do it all, from acid staining to implementing acrylic stains. We offer:

  • Textured and Stamped Concrete: Our decorative concrete contractors in Ave Maria use different stamping techniques to press different patterns into the surface, enabling it to achieve various textured finishes.
  • Patterned Concrete: We can also incorporate different materials such as rocks or tiles, giving your concrete interesting geometric patterns after it sets.
  • Decorative Scoring: Using an angle grinder, we can cut lines that can create interesting patterns on their own or help define borders for different textures.
  • Colors and Staining: Concrete stains are available in a massive range of colors and allow you to change the appearance of your floors quickly.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

There are numerous reasons more people are turning to our concrete resurfacing and coating services. Thanks to decorative concrete, you can transform dull slabs of concrete into works of art and extend the lifespan of your floors while enjoying:

  • Design Flexibility: As we have mentioned above, you can implement decorative concrete in a variety of ways.
  • Longevity: On top of aesthetic appeal, concrete coatings also increase the longevity of your concrete surfaces.
  • Low Maintenance: Decorative concrete floors are easy to clean and need very little maintenance to maintain their stunning finishing.


Our experienced decorative concrete contractors in Ave Maria can apply coatings to any concrete surface, including garage floors, but we don’t recommend attempting a DIY approach. Concrete coating mishaps can be expensive to correct.

Garage floor coatings can last anywhere between ten and twenty years in heavy traffic areas.

100% solid epoxy dries up within 16 hours, though you will have to wait a few days before subjecting the floor to heavy traffic.

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